Taking the next step with Influence International & USANA is easy

Create a Lifestyle Business on Your Terms

If you feel that this could be the right move for you, don't hesitate and register now

To join all you need to do is purchase a USANA 'starter pack',

and pay the one time US$29.95 Associate Membership Fee (NZ$40.00)

In NZ, we recommend the Premium Healthy Lifestyle Pack to get started.
The Premium Nutritional Pack is also a great option and just comes with a little more product, 
or for the smaller business builder, the Basic Product Pack can be a perfect start.

A new option that has just gone LIVE is the Celavive Experience Pack to get you started on your journey

to healthy looking skin and the ability to share with others the new range of skincare

You won't go wrong with either choice.
Outside of NZ we recommend any 3 Business Centre Pack available in your country.

If you have questions about packs in your area please contact us

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